When you engage Dr. Bob you’re getting the Consultants’ Consultant (HR Tech Outlook). Over his 35+ year career, Dr. Bob has developed and honed 7 strategic steps designed to get desired recognition and engagement results. Because completion of each step is essential to meeting your objectives, Dr. Bob will guide you and your organization throughout the process.

“Energized employees are a vital force in any successful organization. Dr. Bob showed us how to unleash this power through a wealth of practical examples that are sure to inspire new heights of employee performance.”

J.W. Marriott, Jr.
Chairman & CEO

The 7-Step Process

BASELINE ANALYSIS – What's working & not working?

Dr. Bob’s research shows that the top employee motivators tend to be intangible and interpersonal forms of recognition that can be provided by any manager in any work environment. Dr. Bob will help to specifically identify what employees want as a foundation for strategizing how you can provide them more of those things when they do good work. 

BUSINESS CASE – What results do you want?

The entire recognition program flows from the business case. Dr. Bob will help you understand the business case for recognition in a way that helps justify the effort and expense in order to get desired results. Once you know what you want, Dr. Bob will help ensure all parts of the initiative support achieving those results. Credibility of recognition is enhanced, making it easier to repeat the process, leveraging even greater results.

“Dr. Bob has been a key partner of our employee
recognition team to help us elevate our programs. His research and tools for recognition and engagement are unparalleled. From 1-on-1 consulting to large presentations, he educates, inspires, and delights managers with his research based-approach to employee recognition.”

Christi Gilhoi, Manager
Employee Engagement

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RECOMMENDATIONS – What is your plan?

Dr. Bob will make specific recommendations based upon where you currently are and where you want to get to. All recommendations are customized to your existing organizational needs and culture. Specifics on what will happen, how it will happen, and who will do it are outlined, including (a) identifying an organization sponsor; (b) strategies for reframing the Heads (conceptual model), Hands (skill set) and Hearts (passion for action) of all managers; (c) forming a volunteer recognition taskforce from a cross-section of the organization; (d) measuring results moving forward.

COMMUNICATION ROLLOUT – How do you involve & inform?

Dr. Bob will help you launch the marketing campaign of your recognition program—creating the awareness, expectation and anticipation of things to come. He will help you “theme” the look, feel and activities. Presentations, fliers, emails, and discussions may all be used to get employees excited about the initiative. Employees will be told about the organization’s need, their role and accountability, and that of their leaders. Next steps will be outlined as well as how progress will be tracked. They will understand the tools available and the organization’s ongoing long-term, strategic commitment to this effort.

I heard Dr. Bob speak years ago & he opened my eyes to view employees differently. Since then my employees have become an Asset, not a Cost, and my business has soared as a result. If you have a chance to tap into his knowledge, insight & system for building a great company culture, GRAB THE OPPORTUNITY!

Don Johnson
Car Care Council

REFRAMING & TRAINING – What needs to be done differently?

Most managers don’t use recognition principles. Dr. Bob will help change your organization’s model of recognition in order to convince management to start recognizing their people regularly. Through his research and best practices, managers will learn the daily behaviors and techniques that lead to effective recognition practices with employees, and ultimately to achieving desired organizational results.

FOLLOW THROUGH – How do you keep momentum going?

All progress comes from follow up. Without consistent follow up, the program will sputter. Dr. Bob will serve as an external accountability resource who keeps you focused on your follow-up plan. He’ll provide useful strategies for amplifying positive results and overcoming problems and obstacles that remain. Dr. Bob will help ensure your plan will operate at the individual, group and organizational levels. The plan helps keep momentum going so that new behaviors become habit and recognition becomes a valued and ongoing aspect of the organization’s culture.

“Dr. Bob’s work is inspirational and packed with ideas & best practices on motivating, rewarding, recognizing, and engaging teams! We were able to operationalize his work & create a rewards & recognition program that changed the culture of our organization, reduced turnover and saved us millions of dollars in just the first year.”

Heather Machado, Chair
Nursing Recruitment & Retention Team
Hartford Hospital
Hartford, Connecticut

CELEBRATION – How to take praise & thanks to the next level?

Group or organizational celebrations focus on progress. They show employees that you’re delighted with the performance they’ve achieved. The public part of celebration helps people—individually and collectively—take pride in the impact of their efforts. Celebrations also set the stage for creating new objectives to achieve the next level of performance. They get people excited about taking on new and additional challenges. And they solidify interpersonal relationships and spread enthusiasm. Dr. Bob will help you identify progress in your organization and creative ways those milestones can be celebrated.