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Creating A Culture Of Recognition

Recognition for performance represents the single most validated principle for driving desired behavior and performance in today’s challenging economic times.  The primary reason why managers don’t use recognition is because they report “they aren’t sure how to do it well,” according to doctoral research by Dr. Bob Nelson, the primary thought leader on this topic and an international best-selling author of the multi-million copy 1001 Ways to Reward Employees (now in its 58th printing) – just released in a new edition entitled 1501 Ways to Reward Employees.  Dr. Bob will show you how to create a culture of recognition, regardless of the size or type of business you are in. Compared to the average company, employees in a recognition-focused company are 5 times more likely to feel valued, 7 times more likely to stay, and 11 times more likely to feel completely committed to their jobs and mission of the organization. This presentation will expand your thinking of what recognition really means and what you can do to build it into your culture. Far from being a “fuzzy feel-good notion,” Dr. Bob will show you practical ways as to   how you can get your managers to treat employees in a way that maximizes their willingness to use their best efforts on a daily basis to create an exciting, positive work environment that produces more focused, competitive employees that better serve the strategies of the firm. Attendees will learn:

• The business case for recognition; why it’s the smart business thing to do, not just the nice thing

• Recent research about what most motivates today’s workers in tight, recessionary times

• How to leverage and maximize the effectiveness of recognition – even with little time or resources

• How to get managers on board in both supporting and doing more recognition

• How to harness the power of best practices from other organizations, as well as your own

• How to build and sustain progress, keeping your recognition efforts fresh and relevant

• The researched-based seven core elements found in strong cultures of recognition









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