Speaking Topics

Engaging And Retaining High Potential Employees

Learn how best to identify, develop and retain your High Potential talent—before you lose them as the economy improves. (1-2 hours)

Organizations have dedicated and invested millions of dollars in identifying and developing High Potentials within their workforce.  This cream-of-the-crop top talent is often pegged for leadership roles early on in their careers and are the first to participate in innovative leadership development programs.  Despite the considerable amount of time and effort companies put into guiding them, studies show that many High Potentials remain unengaged in their work and continue to actively pursue other opportunities. In the last 12 months, 30% of High Potentials have changed jobs, a number that is expected to increase as the economy improves.  Over 50% of executives feel their organizations are ineffective at managing and keeping top talent and 90% of CEOs rank a retention plan for the organization’s High Potentials as a top priority for HR.  This session will cover the following topics:

   • The Need to Better Focus on High Potentials

   • How to Identify Your High Potentials

   • The Current Challenges with this Group of Top Performers

   • Six Strategies to Increase High Potential Engagement

   • A Case Study in Developing High Potentials

Discover the best practices of leading organizations as they seek to motivate and empower their High Potential population. Learn skills you can apply to your own workforce, from how best to identify High Potentials to keeping them engaged and invested in their work so that they can continue to perform at top levels. The time to get focused on this special performers is before they are leaving your organization!









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