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Motivating The Millennials

As recently featured in a CBS 60-Minutes interview with Morley Safer—Dr. Bob shares his insights on the latest generation to enter the workforce, the Millennials, and how members of that generation differ in their outlook, values and expectations from previous generations in the workplace today. The Millennial Generation, those individuals born between 1980 and 2000 will soon dominate the world of work in both number and attitude.  These 90 million individuals are unique from any previous generation in both their technical abilities, attitudes, outlook and expectations of work and, as such, companies will need to realign their strategic priorities to reshape the work environment to meet the expressed needs of this generation.  Failure to do so will significantly limit a company’s ability to hire these younger workers at a time when they already will be experiencing a shortfall of qualified candidates needed to replace the 70 million retiring Baby Boomers in the decade ahead.  Success in adapting to this new breed of worker will allow organizations to access and leverage the potential of the younger generation in a way that will create a significant competitive advantage for the company in achieving its mission in the marketplace.

This generation of workers with the skills and aptitudes that every employer will need are not interested in “paying their dues” and conforming to fit the expectations of them by their employers, but rather will cause companies to reassess and strategically realign all aspects of the employment contract to wrap around the life experiences and expectations unique to this generation.  The subsequent changes will affect all workers — even those not a part of this generation — as work rules about how work gets done (eg, telecommuting/ working hours, group processes/collaboration, enhanced efficiencies via technology, world perspectives and social issues, etc) are permanently redefined.  In this session, Dr. Bob will lay out the impact of this predominant shift in worker demographics, the assets and liabilities this generation brings to the workplace and show managers and executives (most of whom are Baby Boomers) how to strategically adapt to and align with the needs and expectations of these younger workers.  Topics covered will include:

• Profile of the Millennials & What Makes Them Tick?
• Key Personal & Cultural Influences
• Events That Shaped the Millennial Perspective
• Millennial Work Attributes & How to Maximize Each
• Management Techniques for Motivating & Retaining Millennials









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