Most organizations don’t have a recognition and engagement culture because one or more senior leaders don’t believe in it. Dr. Bob helps executives realize the potential of having a more recognized and engaged workforce, and helps them inspire their people to attain optimal performance and a healthier bottom line. The result: executives who will acknowledge the value of recognition and become key advocates for changing the culture. Dr. Bob is proud to be the personal coach of the World’s #1-Ranked Executive Coach, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith.

Dr. Bob serves as a personal coach, sounding board and devil’s advocate for me. He challenges my thinking and expands possibilities I haven’t considered. I’m a better person for having known him and you can be as well.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
World’s #1-Ranked Executive Coach

The Coaching Process


It starts with the person wanting to change specific behaviors.


Work group agrees to help the person change.


Work Group regularly shares specific feedback on person’s behavior.


Person consistently demonstrates desired new behavior.

"At WD-40 Company, Employee Engagement is a key aspect of our company culture & success. Ninety-nine percent of our associates are excited to tell others where they work and our overall Employee Engagement score is 93 percent. We've worked hard to create & maintain our culture & using Dr. Bob's resources & having him present to all our leaders worldwide has been an integral part of that strategy."

Garry Ridge, CEO