For over 35 years, Dr. Bob has helped hundreds of organizations – leaders and employees – perform at the highest level. Here are a few testimonials from colleagues, clients, associations, and publications:

“Dr. Bob serves as a personal coach, sounding board and devil’s advocate for me. He challenges my thinking and expands possibilities I haven’t considered. I’m a better person for having known him and you can be as well.”

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
World’s #1-Ranked Executive Coach

“Dr. Bob is a Godsend to every well-intentioned manager or frustrated employee. He makes a compelling case that recognition, rewards, and positive reinforcement all do work, and they can work for you.”

Dr. Ken Blanchard, Co-Author
The One Minute Manager

“Dr. Bob offers a motherlode of practical ideas and practices on building employee morale and unleashing employee potential. It represents the new frontier of organizational effectiveness.”

Dr. Stephen Covey, Author
7 Habits of Highly Effective People

“Thank you for your keynote presentation at our ‘Cool Places to Work’ event. Attendees were eager to learn about ways to motivate employees in these trying times and they got some great ideas to put in practice back at work. Judging from the response to your presentation—those who were lined up to speak with you after and the comments from attendees in our post-event survey—you added great value to our event! Many thanks.”

Mary Kramer, Publisher

“Dr. Bob, we were so pleased yesterday and could not stop talking about how great our event turned out.  I heard several positive comments from our team and am looking forward to integrating the Ubuntu concepts into our culture. You are a marvelous speaker with a message of great value.”

Rick Richardson, President & CEO

“Some speakers show up, do their thing, and leave. That wasn’t the case with Dr. Bob. We thought we were looking for a keynote. What we got was a partner. He agreed to teach an additional session for us, allowing us to provide more strategic credits for our certified HR professionals. We really appreciated his going the extra mile to bring not just a great presentation, but a whole lot of value added to our conference.”

Executive Committee

“Dr. Bob has done it again! In this practical, timely book—1001 Ways to Take Initiative at Work—he describes what employees can do to take more initiative in any job. Any employee (and supervisor, manager or owner) will find this book of enormous value!”

Dr. Dean Spitzer, Author & Managing Consultant

“Better than money: Praise and personal gestures motivate workers. Things that don’t cost money are ironically the most effective.”

“Dr. Bob helps managers take certain rewards and mold them into new management styles at their companies.”

“Welcome to Dr. Bob’s World: A place of above-average managers and workers, all committed to personal excellence, good will and, of course, company profits. Dr. Bob details how a little praise goes a long way.”

“We brought Dr. Bob in to help create a culture of recognition. He made multiple presentations to all our leaders, analyzed & made system recommendations, all of which we followed. We subsequently were named the Best Recognition Culture in North America by Recognition Professionals International. We credit our success to “doing what Dr. Nelson said to do.”

Ann Arbor, Michigan

“I heard Dr. Bob speak years ago & he opened my eyes to view employees differently. Since then my employees have become an Asset, not a Cost, and my business has soared as a result. If you have a chance to tap into his knowledge, insight & system for building a great company culture, GRAB THE OPPORTUNITY!”

Donny Hudson, President
NAPA AutoCare Business Development Group
Detroit, Michigan

"At WD-40 Company, Employee Engagement is a key aspect of our company culture & success. Ninety-nine percent of our associates are excited to tell others where they work and our overall Employee Engagement score is 93 percent. We've worked hard to create & maintain our culture & using Dr. Bob's resources & having him present to all our leaders worldwide has been an integral part of that strategy."

Garry Ridge, CEO