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Inspiring Exceptional Performance – Taking Initiative

Do you want to inspire exceptional performance? In this presentation, Dr. Bob will share his research and strategies for getting all employees to take initiative and be more innovative in the workplace today as based on two of his books: Please Don’t Just Do What I Tell You to Do—Do What Needs to Be Done! and 1001 Ways to Take Initiative at Work. He will show you how to overcome obstacles that employees are likely to encounter when pursuing new ideas and persevere with those ideas they most believe in. He will focus on the small things that can be done to start to make a BIG difference in your workplace as well as strategies employees can use for “keeping commitment to their commitment.” Attendees will leave this session with a practical plan and techniques for immediate implementation back on the job. Dr. Bob shows how organizations today can create a competitive advantage through its employees by tapping into the energy, ideas and creativity of every member of the organization. In this session you’ll learn:

• The Benefits of Increased Initiative to Employees and the Organization
• The Ultimate Expectation: Getting Employees to Focus on What Needs to Be Done
• The 4 Ps of Initiative: Positive Accountability, Preparation, Presentation & Persistence
• Overcoming Obstacles to Taking Initiative at Work
• I-Power: A Proven System for Harnessing the Power of Employee Suggestions









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